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The New Version of HDMI Extender Features 1.Extends 1080p@60hz HDMI signals up to 200m over a single UTP Cat5e/6 cable 2.Support point-to-point ,point-to many and many-to-many network configuration 3.HDCP complia...
Mini SDI Video to Fiber Converter Support : Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080@60Hz Broadcasting 3G SDI Video to Fiber Rate: 3G Supports the re-timing function Downward compatible with various i signals and fram...
Mini DVI Video to Fiber Converter   Support : Max Resolution: 1920*1200@60Hz Multi mode transmission 1km, single mode transmission 2Km, can customize 20km  Rate: 10G Support single fiber / dual fibe...
Mini 4K HDMI Video to Fiber Converter Support : Max Resolution: 4096*2160@30Hz Support RGB&YCBCR4:4:4  YUV4:4:4  4:2:2   4:2:0 EDID transparent transmission Support single fiber / d...
The New Version of HDMI Feature : 1. Powerful encoder chip , can compatible with more devices 2. Support EDID return transmission  3. Support independence bi-directional audio and embedding audio . Support a...
Ho-link technology now have a new member, which offers you exact solution for super HD CCTV solutions.we developed HDMI/SDI to fiber converter, include data RS485/RS232/RS422,audio,ethernet 10/100M or 10/100/1000M,contac...
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